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May 20th, 2022

Marketing & Communications

How to Successfully Adapt Your Facebook Ads Strategy for iOS 14.5

We did it. We have officially been living in a post-iOS 14.5 world for one year. In late April 2021, iPhone users were given the option to turn off digital…

March 24th, 2022

Marketing & Communications

Moving to GA4: 5 Steps to Take Today

Google finally announced that it will sunset Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1, 2023—meaning your organization has a year and some change to get Google Analytics 4 (GA4) up and…

April 5th, 2021

Marketing & Communications

You’re Only as Good as Your Subject Line

And you’re probably not giving it the attention it deserves.

April 2nd, 2021

Marketing & Communications

A Blueprint for Your Brand’s Next April Fools’ Day Prank

And just like that, we’ve made it to the other side of another April Fools’ Day. It’s time to survey the brand landscape to see which brands succeeded, and which…

March 10th, 2021

Virtual Events

What Event Planners Need to Know About Accessibility & Platforms

How can your virtual event site be more efficient and easy to use for all users, includingthose with disabilities and those without?

March 9th, 2021

Marketing & Communications

Burger King Missed the Mark on International Women’s Day

We’ve all seen a tweet or two in our lifetime that has made us cringe. One that you read and think: “oh man, who approved this idea?” To say that…

March 5th, 2021


Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Web Browsing: What’s Next for Digital Advertising

What the next change in the digital privacy revolution means for you.

March 3rd, 2021


A Case Study in Ethics: Compliance vs. True Accessibility

Takeaways from our Accessibility event with AIGA D.C.

February 24th, 2021

Virtual Events

What is Accessibility – and Why Event Planners Should Care

How our virtual event platform can leverage the power of web accessibility to make your event content accessible in revolutionary ways for many people with disabilities.

January 26th, 2021

Marketing & Communications

Lessons Learned from Learning Design

The similarities between marketing and instructional design and how to apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to communications strategy.