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Join the dream team.

We are only as passionate as those who make up our company. A dedicated team is what makes this organization tick.

Erick wearing his custom cardboard unicorn mask.

We’re always on the hunt for A-list talent to join our team.

After “what’s a Taoti?” and “how do you pronounce it?,” the next most frequently asked question we get is, “what does Taoti do?

You can learn more about our services and work elsewhere on the site.  But the most important thing to ask about any agency is “Who does it?”  As with most agencies, we’re fundamentally a professional services firm.  So first and foremost, we’re in the people business.  Everything we do is a function of the collective talents, perspectives, and experiences of our team.  Which is why building the right team is our top priority.

Skills can be learned, so when Taoti hires, instead of lots of tests to see if you know what you say you do, we’re instead looking for those intrinsic qualities like passion, energy, curiosity, creativity, ambition, and other oh-so-important-but-harder-to-ascertain character traits that we believe make people successful (and in turn make Taoti successful.)  Sure, depending on the role, we are looking for some specific skills and experiences, but generally speaking, we’ll take the right person with an imperfect skill over the other way around.  (Want more ideas on what makes for a Successful Taotian?  Check out our CEOs blog on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Taotians.)

The point is, we take every new addition to the team very seriously because each new person has a big impact—for better or worse—on the trajectory of our whole agency.  Our hiring process is designed to look beyond skills and find genuinely great people that will up the collective game of the whole team.  If that’s you, we’d love to chat!

Below are some open positions, but don’t be afraid to reach out even if you don’t see the job you wanted listed.  We’re always on the look out for our next newest Taotian!

Taoti benefits.

Greatness comes from those who pursue it. In order to maintain a great team, we give benefits/perks that go above the standard.