August 12th, 2020

Hugo Chang

A Technical Lead and Our Very Own Sherlock Holmes… Hugo is a technical lead developer here at Taoti. He acts backend investigator, so when something either isn’t working right or…

June 3rd, 2020


D9 is Coming! What Do I Do?!

What does this mean? How can we afford a migration so soon? When do I need to have this done by? What about the modules? We are here to help!

Bree Benesh 3

Bree Benesh

VP of Technology

May 19th, 2020


Virtual Events & Accessibility: Leveraging Empathy to Widen Your Audience

A quick list of our top 5 tips for running an accessible virtual event

April 29th, 2020


So you’ve signed a new scope of work. What’s next?

Six recommendations to help ensure your project kicks off on the right foot.

Beth Reiser 1

Beth Reiser

Director of Project Management

April 1st, 2020


Managing Projects (& Clients!) Remotely

A quick, simple guide on some of the basic project management (PM) tricks to help guide your clients and team members through our new COVID-19 remote work reality.

December 19th, 2019


Using ‘Friction’ to Spur ‘Thought Leadership

This blog started as a homework assignment for our team:  In exchange for shutting down over the holiday break and giving some extra PTO days to everyone, we asked the…

Brent Lightner 2

Brent Lightner

CEO | Founder

August 22nd, 2019

Brittany Bailey

Brittany received a B.F.A in Photography from the University of North Texas in 2008 and then moved to the DC/Virginia area in 2009. Brittany worked for the Animal Welfare Institute…

June 3rd, 2019

Nick Dickinson-Wilde

Nick Dickinson-Wilde is a Backend Drupal Development Manager at Taoti Creative currently focused on Drupal 9 and the future. He’s west coast Canadian born and raised. Loves karate, biking, games…

May 13th, 2019

Fei Lauren

Fei first started into web development when Geocities Chat was still popular and free website builders were popping up all over. As soon as she found out she could write…

October 10th, 2018


Celebrating evolution: Taoti’s 19th website redesign

Brent Lightner, Taoti founder, reflects on company evolution and the 19th version of

Brent Lightner 2

Brent Lightner

CEO | Founder