Translating the value of global learning.

Cornell University

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Connecting intuitively across the globe.

There’s no off-the-shelf right way to build an intuitive user experience that resonates with your targets. You have to start with real understanding; that comes from taking the time to learn your audiences’ personal goals and challenges. And that’s exactly what we did. At Cornell, we went straight the source and learned everything we could learn about the students and their needs.

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Simple, inspiring and responsive.

The Office of Global Learning offers students the priceless, life-changing experience of international study. It was up to Taoti Creative to translate the value of global learning to ambitious students at home and abroad.

We built Cornell University’s Global Learning site in Drupal 8. We inspired students to explore study abroad programs by designing audience-centric landing pages guiding them through a study abroad checklist. We then used Drupal’s Paragraphs module to make it easy for students abroad to create flexible, responsive, compelling stories about their experiences. In doing so, we helped them answer every one of their own questions, from “Where am I going?” to “What did I learn?

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Students are lively makers of meaning.

We start with one question. Who are we designing for? By spending time with the students and truly understanding their personal goals and challenges, we ensured the site was truly built with them in mind. The result is increased global engagement from both students at Cornell who want to study abroad as well as non-US students who want to study at Cornell.

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By the numbers.

Cornell's Global Learning program is just one part of the whole experience. Here's what else you should know:
  • 400+
    Global Learning Opportunities

    At Cornell, students are surrounding themselves in history, making new families, and understanding themselves as part of the great global experiment. They're just everywhere from Ithaca to Oxford to Jordan when they do it.
  • 50+
    Shared Stories Direct from the Students

    By leveraging Drupal's Paragraphs module we put the power of generating content in the students hands. Paragraphs enables site builders and non-developers to create flexible, responsive, compelling content and that's just what the students did. Read their stories from across the globe.
  • 6
    Simple Steps to Studying Abroad.

    The easy to navigate design allows students to follow six easy steps; starting from "Getting Started" to "Coming Home".