Protecting student privacy.

U.S. Department of Education

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Accessibility + Design

The Department of Education (DoE) collaborated with our partner to deliver a new, intuitive, responsively designed and 508 compliant website that would bring together and eventually replace key information contained within two existing DoE offices. Our partner came to us to with existing wireframes to complete the design and deliver the technical solution for what is now a comprehensive resource for student privacy.

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A resource library at your fingertips.

We made easy for users to find information relevant to them among the wealth of content on the site. The site is  designed it in a way that resources can be narrowed down by topic, type and/or the audience and features a “Resource Library” and “Browse by Audience” dropdown menu to provide users with easy to find current, relevant resources that provide practical solutions and analysis supporting student privacy.

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Visually appealing and government compliant.

By leveraging the U.S. Web Design Standards we built a  site that boasts a fully 508 compliant design throughout while still delivering fresh content on critical issues surrounding the privacy of our most sensitive citizens. Combining creative conception and user experience every step of the way, the end product is an accessible, responsive site, designed for flexibility and , optimized for web performance.

U.S. Department of Education

Giving the audience a voice.

A priority for DoE in ensuring students’ privacy is to make sure parents have an outlet to voice concerns and file complaints. We made this possible by adding a  “File a Complaint” button on the site which allows parents to reach out directly if they feel their child’s rights have been violated under FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

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