A fresh take on credit education.

USAA: Profiles of Credit

USAA graphic showing the page when an avatar is selected and the different avatar's available

Eat your heart out, NerdWallet.

Geared toward teaching the intricacies of credit – what it is, how to get it, and how to improve it – this app presents a colorfully engaging user experience to a young target audience.

Image of 3 iPhone's showing different screens of the USAA interactive app

A familiar experience with a twist.

Using a social media feed as inspiration for a familiar and streamlined experience, Taoti designed a module for students to learn about credit challenges through a series of exercises and assessments. By exploring the social profiles of credit users, students can read stories about unique experiences with credit and plan for their futures.

USAA: Profiles of Credit avatars that are available for selection
  • Image of the different USAA: Profiles of Credit app that one may interact with
  • USAA: Profiles of Credit notification message collage