A platform to connect the displaced to scholarships.

Institute for International Education's IIEPeer

IIE PEER App showing the feature that is offered to helping displaced students find educational opportunities to build a sustainable future

Re-imagining accessibility during emergencies.

Our relationship with the Institute for International Education started with a mobile-first site for their IIEPeer program. We created a platform that not only offered displaced and refugee students a clearinghouse of scholarship and educational opportunities but also offered institutions a medium for reaching out to these affected populations. And we designed for low-bandwidth users, ensuring that the site would be accessible to the audience who needed it most.

IIE PEER site presented on a MacBook showing the Scholarship opportunities

Expanding the experience with chatbots.

As the site gained popularity, a new need arose to help guide students through the multitude of scholarships available. Enter: Mina. A virtual assistant we built to ease in the search process through artificial intelligence and a custom Q&A algorithm.

IIE PEER App screens showing a chat of a virtual assistant helping a user to find scholarship and showing an actual scholarship that can be applied to from the app