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Farm Credit Council

Farm Credit Council website in a mobile view showing the Homepage and Find Lender page

Unifying three messages to bring one
mission to life.

A singular mission drives the Farm Credit Council: to support rural communities and agriculture in building a secure, sustainable future with trusted credit and financial services. To simplify the process for its members across the country, they first needed to combine three very different web properties, an organizational site and an anniversary site on Craft CMS, and a PAC site on a proprietary system into one seamless experience.

Farm Credit Council Website featured on a MacBook showing the Farm Bill information

Impactful visual storytelling.

The challenge went far beyond restructuring and merging mass amounts of content (a hefty technical task in itself). We had to meet the diverse needs of three audiences on one Drupal 8 website. To do so, we leveraged gorgeous imagery that aligned with the Farm Credit brand and spoke to the needs of its varied target audiences. And, we never lost sight of the mission that drives everything Farm Credit does – helping members thrive.

Farm Credit Council Website Homepage featured in the background of how the same page is featured on an iPad

Mapping out a simpler choice.

For their annual fly-in campaign, the Council needed to share stories and fact sheets about Farm Credit in each of the 50 states. Sure, a map could work. But at Taoti, we constantly ask ourselves, “wouldn’t it be better if…” In thinking about how we could best meet the Council’s strategic goals, we asked, wouldn’t it be better if we created an imagery-driven interface that highlighted the personal, relatable stories of farmers in each state?

The answer: a resounding yes. The result was, a microsite that engages users through storytelling and offers a preview of the content available on each state page.

  • Farm Credit Council 4
  • The Farm Credit Council Homepage
  • Farm Credit Council Website on all different platforms but all showing the same page so you can see how responsive the website is.

A need to
Rebuild Rural communities.

We work with the Council to support the digital components of all their programs. This also means working with their partners in agriculture. The Rebuild Rural Infrastructure Coalition is comprised of more than 200 organizations from across the country focused on rural communities, including the Farm Credit Council. Rebuild Rural needed a simple website to share fact sheets about its issues and news about its testimony. Starting from the foundational design system that supports, we built a 1-page Drupal 8 site that communicates the essentials.

  • Farm Credit Council- Rebuild Rural website pages
  • Farm Credit Council- Rebuild Rural website on mobile

Supporting the Homegrown by Heroes campaign.

Farm Credit is a big supporter of our veterans. The Farmer Veteran Coalition partnered with Farm Credit to develop the Homegrown by Heroes program – a voluntary marketing label available to farmers who are also veterans. Farm Credit looked to us to create advertising materials to appear in both digital and print publications to announce their upcoming event. We then created a rich animation that transitioned the old logo to the new to distribute through social media channels.

Homegrown by Heros animated logo