Solving Problems for a Safer World



A Leading Force for Good

MITRE has been advancing national security for more than 60 years. However, it’s digital presence needed some advancements of its own. Hired by the federal government, MITRE partners with industry and academic leaders to drive technology and protect critical communication systems to keep the world safe. They needed a website that reflected this critical mission.

Taoti delivered. It created a site with clear visual design and powerful language to showcase MITRE’s significant impact on national security.



The Problem:

MITRE wanted a website to showcase its work, history, innovation, and talent. Their previous site used complicated language, technical jargon, and didn’t actively engage people to want to learn more about the organization and its impact.

The Solution:

Taoti developed a new website that focused on visual design to better help people understand the brand and what they do. The creative team established a clear hierarchy and utilized diagrams, graphs, flow charts, and other visuals to make sense of complex content. We also increased its shareability so pages could be easily emailed or posted to social media to build brand awareness.


The Impact:

We undertook a full website redesign focused on growing MITRE’s status as a trusted leader in national security while improving the digital experience for sponsors, partners, and the recruitment of top talent. Our team designed the site with a clean, spacious look using vibrant colors and tags to help skim and digest complicated topics.

This layout has improved the user experience. It is more accessible to reach a broader audience and changed how people interact with the content. It encourages newsletter signups, customer inquiries, and for job seekers, applications for open positions.

The content management was also simplified. The technical staff at MITRE now spends less time managing the website and making updates and can spend more time solving problems for a safer world.