Clean Water Changes Lives


Toho Water Authority 6


The Toho Water Authority (Toho) came to Taoti with an outdated brand that didn’t match its importance to the Florida community. Toho is the largest provider of water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services in Osceola County and serves over 150,000 customers. It treats and distributes approximately 37.5 million gallons of potable water and reclaims 27 million gallons of wastewater each day. They needed the award-winning team at Taoti to help them revitalize their brand to get the message out that their water is clean, convenient, and better for the planet.

Toho Water Authority

The Problem:

The Toho Water website needed an update with clear messaging to reach their customers about how to pay their bills, where their water comes from, how to conserve it, and current rates. Also, another goal was to strengthen their brand as a partner in the community—as a great place to work and to highlight their participation in public programs. Toho sponsors neighborhood events, hosts an annual science summer camp, and helps people in need pay their water bills.

The look and feel of the site needed a lift too. They wanted a clean but friendly visual design with improved navigation and better performance and SEO.

Toho Water Authority 1

The Solution:

Taoti focused on the architecture and format of the menu with clear navigational tabs to quickly take users where they want to go. Customers now can learn about current water projects, the health of their residential water, conservation tips to lower their fees, or just pay their bill, all in an instant. Visually, the web pages are full of images of real staff in the field to convey how much Toho cares about the local community. Behind the hood, the platform focuses on SEO performance, calls-to-action, page load speed, and navigation on mobile devices.

Toho Water Authority 2

The Impact:

The new Toho platform with its modernized and open design steers users to quick information or deeper content. The bold imagery of employees in the field conveys trust and professionalism. The site produces better SEO by attracting new customers, inspiring signups for local events, and reaching job seekers. Most importantly it establishes the brand as providing clean and safe water for local residents.