Building a More Sustainable Future


Environmental Defense Fund's Ocean Fishery Solutions Center 12

Bold solutions for ocean health

EDF Fisheries came to Taoti to build a brand within a brand. The Ocean Fishery Solutions Center is the voice of ocean experts working around the world to conserve marine ecosystems and protect small-scale fisheries. The center provides a toolbox of critical resources, tools, and training to help build a more sustainable future and solve our global food security issues.

But, how to get their tools into the hands of the fisheries who need them most? We crafted a bold and distinctive web experience as innovative as their resources, to help deliver solutions that matter.

Environmental Defense Fund's Ocean Fishery Solutions Center 2

Storytelling for Sustainability

The EDF Fisheries team had a hard-to-maintain website and needed a more dynamic online presence to promote the use of its tools to help fisheries learn and collaborate. Plus, the staff couldn’t easily update critical information about their programs and training. The site required an upgrade to utilize its large portfolio of vivid photography, which would increase engagement and bring stories from the field to life.

A Streamlined Structure Improves Environmental Outcomes

We used Drupal to design a site to meet EDF’s unique needs. They required the site to be optimized for mobile so fishing vessels could act as “smart boats,” utilizing digital tools in the field and managing fisheries more effectively.  These enhancements make the site easier to maintain, giving critical time back to staff to focus on the global threats to the environment.

Environmental Defense Fund's Ocean Fishery Solutions Center 10

Powerful Images Inspire Action

EDFs’ goals were simple: build strategies to better tell their story and highlight their innovative tools in action. The resources and tools are now clearly labeled on the site to help fisheries learn best practices. Also, showcasing success stories more prominently on the site brings people together to share knowledge in creating a climate-resilient future.

With visually rich and inspiring content, a new suite of tools and resources, and an easy-to-maintain platform, we helped EDF Fisheries move the needle on their most important mission—protecting ocean habitat.