Education is Power

Campus Compact


Creating a Brand That's Best in Class

Campus Compact came to Taoti with the following ask: help our brand become nationally recognized as the leading coalition of 4,000+ colleges and universities. The nonprofit had clear ideas on how to do so—highlighting the diversity of its members, educators, and students to deepen engagement and elevate its credibility in academia. Our creative team ran with this bold approach, redefining their brand and creating a platform that did just that.



Expanding the Way to Reach People

Campus Compact’s more than 1,600 educational resources were not getting into the hands of community engagement professionals (CEPs) and students across the country. Their new website had to be easy to navigate and inspire people to curate their own collection of resources to advance their personal educational goals. Plus, the site needed to compel visitors to join as members by clearly defining membership benefits.

Creating an Inspired Community

We built a customized Drupal website, featuring interactive design and touches of animation to bring Campus Compact’s mission to life. The multi-faceted search feature and a new hub for education resources enable people to easily find relevant information and encourage further exploration—all of which translates into more clicking and time on the site.

The new platform also gives paid members exclusive access to content and resources that allow them to save information as a favorite to a personal dashboard for easy retrieval and sharing.


New Features Create a Smart Impact

A vibrant visual design now reflects the diversity of its members. Interactive elements provide the Campus Compact community with a customizable user journey. And the navigation menu encourages engagement, highlights the benefits of membership, provides timely content like job posts and events, and makes it easy to connect with Campus Compact staff.

The backend management was improved too, for staff to keep content fresh and follow education trends. Simplifying and organizing the complex collection of resources make them more accessible and widely utilized — furthering Campus Compact’s mission of moving higher education and civic engagement forward.