From Our World to the Edge of the Universe

Carnegie Institute For Science

Carnegie Institute For Science

The Pursuit of What's Possible

The Carnegie Institute for Science, a nonprofit located in Washington, DC, approached Taoti to create a bold brand refresh that matched the awesome scope of the organization’s scientific work. Carnegie researchers have generated some of modern science’s most significant breakthroughs—from the revelation that the universe is ever-expanding to a deeper understanding of cellular activity and how it affects human health.

Carnegie is fueled by curiosity. After Taoti redefined Carnegie’s brand, we inspired web visitors to feel the same.

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Unnecessary Complexity Slows Science

Over time, each of Carnegie’s six research divisions had grown to develop its own independent website. The lack of one unified site impacted the organization’s web presence, diluted the overall brand impact, and left researchers and visitors confused about how Carnegie’s divisions were connected.


Mapping a New Experience

We worked to understand the complexities and connections between the different research divisions and built an integrated web platform and user experience that would accommodate them.

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Creating an Integrated Digital Brand

After an extensive user-experience analysis, key insights helped us design a custom database and domain infrastructure. As a result, we reduced the six sites to four, using a hub-and-spoke structure. Information can now be updated at Carnegie HQ—the central hub —and shared in real-time with the Research Division sites—the spokes.

This upgrade also allows scientists to connect their research to their personal web profiles which cross over into several content divisions, unifying the connections between the research areas and HQ. This synergy strengthens Carnegie’s brand to better communicate its vast research and discoveries.

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Visualizing the World, from Atoms to Galaxies

Content strategy now includes simple navigation, a layered information structure, and clear language that demystifies complex scientific topics. Plus, the streamlined site helps drive traffic to their key content areas and improves the online donation process.

Carnegie’s scientific work is showcased through hyper-visual curated photography and custom photo treatments of outer space, ecosystems, and cellular biology. Design elements and interactive animations throughout the site take Carnegie’s story to the next level (or, dare we say, out of this world).

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