Giving High-Tech Work a Human Voice

CoVar Website Redesign


Mission-Grade Innovation

CoVar is a leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. They create customized algorithms that are revolutionizing problem-solving for defense, healthcare, and industry. CoVar partnered with Taoti to redesign their WordPress website and revolutionize their digital content.


A New Visual Identity

CoVar came to Taoti looking to modernize and reinvent the visual look and feel of their website. They needed a design that reflected their technical prowess in advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. The abstract, robotic imagery typically used with these high-tech terms has become cliché. We wanted to tell the story of how CoVar’s work connects with the real world and real people – not just cyberspace and robots. Additionally, CoVar relied on Taoti to introduce a newly refreshed visual identity including logo and color pallet through our website redesign process. Through this work, we enhanced the color pallet to ensure compliance for website accessibility and expanded brand components for digital execution.

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Walking a Content Tight Rope

As part of their website redesign, CoVar decided to completely rewrite all their content and start fresh. CoVar’s products and services are extremely technical and a lot of their firm’s work experience is highly confidential. We needed to figure out how they could communicate what makes their technology great to people who actually understand how artificial intelligence works… and the rest of us who aren’t quite sure. We needed to establish that CoVar has extensive experience working with world-class clients – even though they can’t disclose a lot of the details (if any at all).


A New Language

Through our messaging guidelines and copyediting support, we established a unified tone and voice for how to communicate their highly complex information in a way that engages and connects with all their audiences consistently. We dug into a thorough Discovery process and truly got to know CoVar. We defined what it means to “speak CoVar” and then taught their team how to do speak, and more importantly, write in that language.


Empowerment and Tools for the Future

We wrote new content for key pages and copyedited content written by the CoVar team to build a strong foundation for the website. But we also empowered the CoVar team to continue executing the strategy independently by leading a “Writing for the Web” workshop and providing them with custom, branded messaging guideline documentation to use as an evergreen reference tool moving forward.