Brussels Forum 2021

The German Marshall Fund of the United States

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About the Event

GMF’s Brussels Forum is an annual high-level meeting of the most influential North American and European political, corporate, and intellectual leaders to address pressing challenges facing both sides of the Atlantic. Participants include heads of state, senior officials from the European Union institutions and member states, U.S. cabinet officials, U.S. congressional representatives, parliamentarians, academics, and media.

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GMF first partnered with Taoti to produce Brussels Forum 2020. With our success in 2020, GMF chose to not only work with us in 2021, but also elevate the experience for everyone.  As the COVID-19 pandemic evolved over the course of both events, we served as flexible, strategic partners to support GMF in navigating both fully virtual and hybrid event models.

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For 2021, we were full-service strategic partners for all aspects of the event (except for the transatlantic policy – we leave that to the world leaders!). We leveraged our existing understanding of the Brussels Forum event and our website redesign engagement for GMF’s main organizational website to efficiently create a robust, branded virtual event platform that served as a digital hub for all event content and interaction.

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We took Brussels Forum 2021 way above a typical Zoom-based virtual event by both using a hybrid event model where some speakers and moderated joined us at Taoti Headquarters to utilize our in-office professional studio for filming and live broadcasting. Additionally, while the speakers communicated with each other via the familiar Zoom platform, our video producers worked behind the scenes to crop, edit, and add branded backgrounds and lower thirds to the video content in real-time to create TV-level graphics and visuals. The end result was sleek, custom, and seamless for the event attendees who viewed sessions both live and on demand across the globe.

“Brussels Forum has long been the premier transatlantic forum for policy influencers and interested stakeholders. Taoti was instrumental to its rapid evolution into a leading digital convening, both in building the platform and producing as an online event. The speed with which Taoti helped GMF pivot this large-scale gathering to a digital format was remarkable, as was the elegance of the experience we have jointly created for conference attendees.”

-Andrew Kolb, Director of Communications at GMF