How To Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Brand (Without Being Cheesy).

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Nobody really wants to see another generic “Happy Holidays” post on their feed.

The most wonderful time of the year brings with it a flood of branded holiday content on our social media feeds. Think your brand could have leaned into the holiday spirit a bit more? Here are a few tips to help your brand cut through the noise and offer up holiday content that will put a smile on your audiences’ faces next year.


1. Pick a theme
As your company heads into the holiday season, try picking a theme to set yourself apart from the crowd and make your content worth reading, watching, or listening to for your audiences. It could be your own spin on the 12 Days of Christmas, a countdown of the worst holiday movies of all time, or the office dog’s favorite things about the holidays—it really doesn’t matter! Use this opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and do something different.

How To Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Brand (Without Being Cheesy). 9

2. Share Your Traditions
Did you decorate your workplace for the holidays? Did Sharon bring in her famous holiday cookies? Does your company have a rockin’ holiday party? Do you hire a magician—like we do!—to provide entertainment for said holiday party? Take advantage of organic content and let your community in on the fun!

3. Holiday-ify Your Logo
Stop users mid-scroll by changing your company’s logo to a fun holiday version for a few days! Google does it, and you can too. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s actually okay to play fast and loose with your brand guidelines for a few days in order to show your festive spirit.

How To Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Brand (Without Being Cheesy). 10

4. Send Handwritten Cards
Great for clients, prospective clients, customers, and your own employees! Make holiday well-wishes more personal than just another email or newsletter—taking the time to write a handwritten note is the best way to express your appreciation and stay on their nice list. Make them feel special by including specific details about time you’ve shared together.

5. Walk the Walk
Actions speak louder than words. Embrace the season of giving by giving to a cause you’re passionate about, or supporting your local community. Many organizations do special drives, events, or other fundraisers during the holiday season—find one and encourage your team to participate! If donating money is a tall order, think about how you can offer your team’s talents and time for the greater good. Provide a pro-bono service to someone in need, or spend an afternoon volunteering as a team.