7 Step Animation Process

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Here at Taoti we treat every video project as a unique and iterative process; however, you can expect a few key steps and deliverables along the way.

Here at Taoti we treat every video project as a unique and iterative process; however, you can expect a few key steps and deliverables along the way. Here is a brief explanation of our animation process from start to finish.

7 Step Animation Process 9

As a client, you are continually involved throughout the animation process. Most importantly in this discovery phase. We will perform a brand audit to ensure all materials are in line with the client’s visual identity. Ultimately, asking the right questions to gather details like the target audience, purpose and goals.

7 Step Animation Process 10

Scripting – Whether you want to take the reins writing the script or require our help and collaboration, the client will always have a chance to adapt, guide and give the final sign off. This is the first major step in the approval process and once it is finalized, we will move forward with the voice over recording.

7 Step Animation Process 11

Treatment – In order to establish a visual style, we will present a few approaches to gather feedback. This will give us enough information to illustrate a few key scenes for approval. We will also provide a written list of corresponding visuals that align with the script. This will enable you to visualize of how the story will be illustrated.

7 Step Animation Process 12

Voice Over – Before animation can begin it is vital to secure the final voice over. We work with the client to procure voice talent and finalize any last-minute changes to the script. After this is approved, we can move into final production.

7 Step Animation Process 13

Storyboarding – During this phase of the process we will provide a low fidelity storyboard of key scenes. This will give a holistic interpretation of the script and visuals.

7 Step Animation Process 17

Production – At last, we bring the story to life. We spend a lot of time on the previous steps to ensure we have everything in place before devoting so much time to animation. During this phase our designers will create all remaining illustrations and animate them. We also add any relevant sound effects, the voice over, and mix in a predetermined soundtrack. This creates the final product and is the longest step in the process. Production can take several weeks depending on the length of the voice over. This is why it is imperative that we collaborate and have sign off on the previous steps.

7 Step Animation Process 15

Delivery – Once we have final sign-off and have addressed any edits, the next step is to upload to your site, social media channels and share for business purposes. We will render out several versions of the final product that are optimized for all necessary applications and provide a full quality Pro Res file.

Making an animated video for your product or business can seem like an overwhelming task. Here at Taoti, we strive to make the process accessible, clear and collaborative. We would love to work with you.