Meet Umo

Launching a brand through storytelling

UMO 13

A Different Approach for a Different Brand

On the surface, our client’s request was simple: create an animated video to help launch a new brand. Digging deeper, we understood this video needed to be more than an announcement. It had to tell a story.

Cubic’s primary customers are city transit authorities. They are used to highly technical marketing materials explaining complex transit technologies, but Umo is different. The platform is designed to be highly approachable to cities of all shapes and sizes, and the brand reflects that. Umo simplifies the complex transportation ecosystem to provide a seamless journey for transit riders. This is the story we would share.


Show, Don’t Tell.

Rather than listing all of Umo’s features, we decided to show how it can benefit real riders. We collaborated with the Cubic team to create characters Umo users can relate to. Jay and Anita’s universal stories bring Umo’s value to life as you watch them go through their day with Umo, their travel companion.

UMO 10

In addition to the full-length video, our team provided additional assets to support the brand rollout on social media and beyond.

Taoti Creative Wins Hermes Platinum Award for Video Created for Cubic Transportation Systems