Ending Safe Havens for Corrupt Funds Through the Web

The World Bank / UNODC Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative

The World Bank / UNODC StAR

Creating a Site to Help End Safe Haven for Corrupt Funds

How do you create an approachable and modern website for such a complex topic as ending safe havens for corrupt funds around the world? The World Bank Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)  came to us looking for just that. StAR is a partnership between The World Bank Group and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) which supports international efforts to end safe havens for corrupt funds. And they partnered with Taoti Creative to create an easy-to-use Drupal website that truly represented their role in the space and appealed to international audiences.

The World Bank StAR 1

The Problem 

The StAR team needed a modern look for its website. One that spoke to lawmakers from G20 countries and practitioners in the field, like lawyers, law enforcement and investigators. But even more importantly, the new site had to be intuitive and user-friendly admin experience for editors.

The Solution 

Our team went all in and created a completely new look and feel, which is now very modern and clean but still represents the brand. Since one of the main goals was for the website manager to have more flexibility, we decided to build the site on Drupal CMS, which allows admin to edit and create new pages easily. The CMS also encourages admins to update news, events, and resources regularly to give users a reason to come back and share resources with other colleagues. To make the users’ experience more friendly, our team also designed a new information architecture and content structure that align with a more intuitive navigation system.

World Bank StAR

All Resources in One Easy-to-Access Space

One of StAR’s goals is to encourage users to explore their library of resources and get in contact with StAR to request assistance for engagement and training. Our team made it easy for users to access all the information they might need easily by integrating MapBox to display global resources at the bottom of the Resource Listing Page.

The World Bank StAR