Charting a Modern Legacy

International Women's Forum

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Empowering Women’s Leadership Through Digital Excellence

The International Women’s Forum (IWF) is an invitation-only network of the most accomplished women leaders across the globe. Founded in New York City in 1974, IWF’s mission is to advance women’s leadership and champion equality worldwide. Today IWF is comprised of over 7,500 preeminent women from various professional sectors, spread across 33 countries and contributing to 74 local forums.

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling

With a mission to support the world’s most accomplished women, IWF faced the challenge of an outdated digital presence that struggled to keep pace with its dynamic membership and ambitions. It needed a website that not only reflected the prestige and global reach of the network but also supported its growth, enhanced engagement with current members, attracted new members and funders, and served as a powerful ambassador for the IWF brand.

To transform this vision into reality, IWF entrusted Taoti Creative with the website redesign. Our approach was holistic, focusing on a detailed discovery process, user experience (UX) optimization, content strategy, and the framework for its future growth.

International Women's Forum

First Impressions Matter

We approached the homepage like an advertisement, to capture our audience within seconds. Our teams worked together to conceptualize a compelling homepage design, from the storytelling to the smallest design detail.

From our captivating homepage design, we created a cohesive visual language that we could use as a solid foundation for the rest of the page designs. We applied this cohesive and distinctive visual language across the interior pages, menu structure, and the member portal experience.

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Demonstrating Leadership

IWF is an organization that is more than a prestigious name. It’s a highly active community of global leaders, making real change. The website needed to demonstrate leadership in action and show that these leaders are a force for advancement.

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Reaffirming Membership

For their members, a beautiful new site isn’t enough. We wanted their members to see themselves reflected in the design and feel valued by the organization. To accomplish this goal, we created visual elements that were ownable and representative of this global organization. We curated a distinctive pattern set, inspired by multiple cultures, time periods, and styles. We expanded and refreshed the color palette to make it brighter, bolder, and dynamic. We explored two strong typefaces, each representing the power and professionalism of this iconic organization.

Two screens of a member dashboard and portal page
A two-sided layout with a color palette to the left and a logo lockup to the right on an orange background.
A set of screens showing different pages of the website style guide, including a color palette, button styles, patterns, and fonts