Conversation Starters

Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER)


Creating a Thought-Provoking Experience

For 25 years, the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) has been advancing civil discourse by bringing thought leaders together to foster productive dialogue.

Taoti worked with DoSER to create an interactive website to expand knowledge and promote respect for differing opinions.


Designing A Website to Support Growth

DoSER’s work is wide-ranging and challenges the stereotypes that scientists and members of faith communities often have about each other. But an outdated website with static images didn’t match the “wonder” necessary to engage and connect leaders.

DoSER needed to grow and diversify its audience, improve SEO, and make the site more accessible, especially for users who are new to the topic of science and ethics.

Answering Questions through Compelling Storytelling

We developed a new website that captures attention and prompts action. The site greets visitors with inclusive language and rotating success stories containing links to videos and interactive graphics. Each story highlights resources and tools that can be used as discussion starters among scientists, faith communities, and educators.

A Platform that Connects Us

A key goal was to create an easy-to-navigate website that would better provide resources to their core audiences while also attracting new people to join the conversations. The educational materials now contain clear content, less jargon, and digestible explanations of complex topics. There are prominent call-to-action buttons that inspire visitors to engage with resources and participate in upcoming educational programs.

Visually, the site pushes creative boundaries and contains consistent and cohesive colors, bold shapes, unique typography, and engaging imagery. The space guides people to find common ground that supports DoSER’s mission of bringing thought leaders together at the intersection of science, religion, and ethics.