The Story of Your Brand.


Capitol Hill Chorale 18

Historical community.

What defines the Capitol Hill Chorale brand is their dedication to bringing cultural arts to the members of their local community. As the Chorale group resides in our very own neighborhood, we were pleased to take part in crafting a visual identity that reflects the history of our district. With the 2019-20 season approaching, and the 20th anniversary of their artistic director, we aimed to produce work that evokes an emotional feeling with the power of classical music. The creative redesign includes a new logo, updated typography, a thoughtful color palette, and postcards.

Letterhead, business cards, and Mobile site for Capitol Hill Chorale

A Brand Identity.

While the Capitol Dome is indeed the face of the brand, we were equally attracted to their impact on the local community. With over 100 members, we were compelled to create a series of designs that characterize their camaraderie, community spirit, and commitment to musical excellence. This approach helped support their mission by empowering its members, and strengthening the core values of the organization.

Paper Mockup for the new Capitol Hill Chorale Logo

A New Season.

In addition to their brand identity, we developed a series of postcards to promote Capitol Hill Chorale’s upcoming seasonal concerts. We wanted to capture the visual and sensory depictions of each season, using natural landscapes and deep, earthly tones that reflected each performance date. We then combined the photos with a new typeface — Prata, a modern and polished serif font. Using layouts with wider margins, our images and typography allowed us to create a series of postcards that remained true to the brand’s vision.

  • Main postcard for seasonal event
  • Seasonal Postcard
  • Seasonal Postcard
  • Seasonal Postcard