Illustrating the Path to Accreditation

URAC Animated Video

URAC Animated Video 32

Driving a thoughtful narrative.

We partnered with the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) to provide a visually compelling and informative video that helps anchor an overview of its accreditation process. Because it goes well beyond simply checking off a list of requirements, URAC’s customers must understand the levels of depth and value of URAC’s approach.

URAC Animated Video 16

Interactive learning.

With goals of instituting a framework for continuous improvement and a process for ongoing innovation, we developed a strategy to ensure that its customers fully understand both what to expect from URAC as well as what will be expected of them to make accreditation as smooth and efficient as possible.

Branded personality.

We demonstrate each step of the accreditation process through intricate animations that are colorful, upbeat and engaging. Through a collaborative journey with strategists, designers, and animators, the URAC video transforms the brand, presenting a more contemporary and thoughtful experience. The attention to detail that surrounds the characters humanizes the accreditation process, establishing user confidence and trust.

URAC Animated Video 30
URAC Animated Video 28