Does Pay Per Click Pay Off?

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Read these questions and answers to help you better understand pay per click (PPC) advertising.
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Pay per click advertising can be somewhat confusing at first, but we hope that after reading these questions you have a better understanding.

What exactly is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click advertising is a type of paid search advertising where a business pays the host (e.g. Google) for every time the ad is clicked. The business does not pay every time the ad appears, only when it is clicked. The advertiser will bid on keywords that are relevant to their target market and therefore, their advertisement. The Cost Per Click (CPC) depends on the amount of competition for the specific keywords.

Why is PPC necessary for my business?

With a PPC campaign, your business can use highly targeted search engine advertising to bring people to your website. Your ads will be targeted by keywords, location, demographics and time. Your advertisements will only be shown for relevant searches and on relevant pages. Being that your business will only pay for each click, it has the potential to be extremely cost effective. Even if your business already has SEO plan, adding a PPC campaign will not overlap, it will only help your marketing efforts.

I can run my own PPC campaign, why do I need professional help?

There is a lot that goes into running a successful PPC campaign. Extensive keyword research is necessary for any campaign and finding low cost, searched keywords can be an art. Once the keywords have been found, writing “catchy” and “attention-grabbing” ad copy is a must. Great ad copy is what will cause your ad to be clicked on in a sea of similar advertisements. With you and your competition bidding on similar keywords, you will have to rely upon your ad copy to differentiate your business. Without puffing our chests too much, we feel that we are “experts” in the field and can make your PPC campaign really work.

How will my PPC campaign be customized for my business?

We will do all of the specific targeting based on your business and the industry. We will work together to learn about your business, competitors and the overall market.

What is the process?

We begin by examining your business, the industry and your competition. After a thorough examination we will come up with themes (ad groups) and a keyword strategy for each theme. After a meeting to discuss the goals of the campaign and the ads and keywords that we have strategically come up with, the campaign will be put into motion.

How do you know which keywords are being searched for?

We use tools from the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) to determine the right search engine advertising keywords that will be successful for your PPC campaign. We recommend using about 20-30 keywords per theme (ad group). The keywords can be altered at any time if need be.

What will PPC management cost?

The fee for your PPC campaign will depend on the number of ads you would like to run and the amount you want to spend on keyword bidding. This may sound a little confusing, so give us a call and we will discuss all of the options and answer any more questions you might have about running a PPC campaign.