A Whole New Concept

Tortuga Caribbean Bar & Grille

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Challenges? We've Got Solutions

The Hill Restaurant Group is a Washington DC-based company that brings fresh and innovative concepts to the Capitol Hill area. The group recently acquired seven restaurants around the area and are excited to create memorable and unique experiences for the DC community.


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A New Brand Is Born

Since the acquisition in 2017, each of the seven restaurants acquired struggled with having a clearly defined brand identity. The Hill Restaurant Group came to us with the need to reinvent one of their restaurants previously known as Tio Javier, a Tex-Mex restaurant in the heart of Capitol Hill. It struggled to stand out and embrace a brand identity.

In response, The Hill Group came to us to help develop and implement a complete makeover, and Tortuga was born. With some help from our social media strategist, we were able to use social media as a vehicle to roll out this new restaurant concept.



Through research and by taking a deep dive into the organization’s vision for its group, we were able to create a new and fresh brand identity that strongly complemented their goals. We designed a new logo and tropical brand identity for Tortuga, which included a fresh concept and developing a website specifically tailored for their needs in the hospitality industry. We also developed a social media and experimental marketing strategy aligned with the concept and needs of the establishment.

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The main challenge was finding an efficient way of developing and implementing the project. BentoBox, a hospitality-focused management system and website development platform, was the solution. Its web design platform allowed us to provide the client with what they were looking for, within their budget. It also offered our skilled designers and developers the opportunity to customize the different restaurant websites enough so that each one had a unique brand identity and concept. Throughout the process, one of our developers underwent training and ultimately gained the insights needed to master the use of Bento Box for future hospitality projects.

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