Changing Human Behavior to Tackle Environmental Challenges


Creating the platforms to see nature thrive

For over 40 years, Rare has been working in several countries around the world to change human behavior to see nature thrive. They are the “global leader in catalyzing behavior change to achieve enduring conservation results.” Our team at Taoti worked with Rare to develop their Solution Search contest platform, a “global crowdsourcing effort” to find behavioral and conservation initiatives that are working and help them grow. We also had the opportunity to work with their BE.Center Resource library, which works directly with academic institutions to connect “behavioral scientists with practitioners on the front lines of our greatest environmental challenges.”
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First, the Rare team needed to create a platform for its Solution Search contest to make it more globally accessible and streamline the entry and judging process. They also wanted the platform to drive users to the BE.Center Resource library. At the same time, the BE.Center Resource library needed to become the go-to learning hub in the environmental field, encourage users to engage and connect and build capacity for practitioners.

Ultimately, both projects had similar goals for the organization. These included continuing to position themselves as global thought leaders, grow climate-smart agriculture in Colombia and China, build US programs on climate and behavior and make Behavior Centered Design the norm in the environmental field.


Our goal was to not only help Rare build what they needed on both platforms but also to empower their team of content administrators to easily change content and create an amazing user experience (UX). So, we looked at what was most convenient for each project and built the Solution Search contest site on Drupal 8, and the BE.Center Resource Library on WordPress.

A contest platform for all

The contest functionality is based around four phases that mainstream the whole process.

  • Enter: Interested contestants can create an account in Drupal, and submit their entries
  • Judging: There is a unique 'Judge' role that allows these users to review entries and mark entries as 'finalists'. They can also download a PDF of all the entries to review.
  • Voting: Users can vote for their favorite entry once every 24 hours during the open voting period. This functionality is built directly in Drupal, instead of using 3rd party voting app.
  • Sharing and promoting: Allows the platform to feature winners on the homepage and contest detail page.

The site also includes case studies from past entries to encourage more entries and a page focused on “impact”, which looks to attract potential sponsors and partners.

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Behavior change = Environmental conservation

The BE.Center Resource library provides resources for behavioral scientists and those working at the forefront of environmental challenges, but it also serves as a network to connect them to academic and research institutions. Users are encouraged to create an account or login to gain access to all resources; this way, they can also comment on the articles provided, which creates an oath for knowledge sharing between them.

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