Masters of Deduction

DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. (DMA)

DMA Inc. 11

A Fresh Look with (Tax) Benefits

Bell bottoms and disco were all the rage in the 70s. So was DMA, an employee-owned company, solving corporate tax challenges for its clients starting back in 1972. Today, DMA has become an extension of their clients’ tax departments, delivering highly sophisticated, custom services and technology solutions to eliminate tax inefficiencies.

They needed a website makeover to reflect its individualized business services and savvy tech solutions.


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A Better Way to Find Balance

In addition to updating the site’s look and functionality, DMA wanted to introduce flexibility and customization. Plus, they wanted to supercharge their marketing, training, and client events with a website that seamlessly integrates tools such as HubSpot and Cvent for tax professionals around the globe.

Less Taxing Number-Crunching

Taoti designed a digital platform to reflect DMA’s tax expertise through the use of bold colors, a striking design, and automated features. The homepage grabs your attention with a rotating banner that cycles through a showcase of DMA’s impressive list of tax specialties.

Because many companies face complex tax issues that make compliance difficult due to ever-evolving tax requirements, we created a 360 interactive tool to ensure the accuracy of tax transactions. This user-friendly feature helps make a complex process a snap to understand.

DMA Inc. 4

Smart Assets

Bold imagery and interactive components put usability at the forefront of the digital experience. Smart navigational structure speaks to specific audiences and allows them to find what they are looking for with ease. With third-party integrations, the site now produces valuable resources for DMA’s staff and provides up-to-the-minute tax training to professionals all over the world.

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