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Our creative team’s take on some of the sessions at DC Design Week 2020
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Taoti Creative

Taoti is a creative agency hell-bent on using its almost 30 years in the game developing strategies, websites and apps to help organizations do what they do, but better. Reach…

Last week we had the pleasure of sponsoring DC Design Week, specifically the sketch session with Anthony Jackson. Taoti is part of the Made in D.C. Program, and as such, we are proud to collaborate and highlight local artists like Anthony Jackson. His artwork has been instrumental in powering the DC Love Instagram campaign for our partner, DC Lottery.

We also have a fantastic team of designers who work directly with our clients on a daily basis. They participated in different DC Design Week sessions of particular interest to them. We then challenged them to create a design based on their takeaways using Taoti’s brand colors. As expected, the results were amazing and demonstrate the incredible talent of our creative team.

Transforming Government Services with Empathy

DC Design Week + Taoti Creative 2

“In too many cases, bureaucracy and complexity have hindered government websites from keeping pace with the human-centered approach to digital products that have rightfully overtaken the design industry. During these incredibly volatile and uncertain times, there has never been more of a need for equitable, well-designed digital access to government services.” – Mason Plunkett, VP of Creative Services

Animation for User Experience

DC Design Week + Taoti Creative 3“Though I have some animation experience, it was refreshing to get back to the basics and discuss the principles of animating for UX. One of my more important takeaways was what not to do and the necessity of creating animations that don’t get in the users’ way. There is a fine balance between creating an engaging experience and distracting the user from following intended pathways.” – Drew Ellis, Art Director

Accessible Voting by Design

DC Design Week + Taoti Creative

“It’s incredible – the amount of design thinking that goes into voting. Election officials are studying Disney’s ‘queueing theory’ to create more efficient voting experiences. Web designers are exploring ways to make registration brutally easy. While there are some fantastic advancements, some functions and devices used in the voting process could use a refresh—especially the user experience for touch screen voting. I believe there are opportunities to ensure users feel comfortable using the machine. We can use language that fills voters with pride and departs from voting as a frustrating task.” – Josh Strupp, Product Strategist and Designer