GAAD 2021: The Bright Future of an Accessible Web 101

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Accessibility, Tech
In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we are giving you a quick rundown on why you need your site to be accessible and how Taoti can help.

At Taoti, accessibility is a perpetually evolving moving target. Between keeping up to date with the relevant case law molding the space to keeping up with the bleeding edge work our Creative and Development teams have been up to, we believe that now more than ever, our responsibility to create an accessible and inclusive web for all is paramount to the growth of the human condition. We believe that while there is almost always a legal obligation to make your website accessible, it simply is the correct thing to do for everyone. So we couldn’t let Global Awareness Accessibility Day (GAAD) pass without giving you some important insights on web accessibility. Check out the video below where I talk through:

  • What does it mean to be an accessible web?
  • Are you legally obligated to create an accessible website?
  • How can Taoti make a website accessible?

Want to read more about accessibility and everything that goes into it? Take a look at our blogs page located here. Or maybe you’re looking for a more personal conversation? Write us anytime at  – we’d love to chat!