Strategy Design

We don’t ask you “what do you want?”  We ask, “What do you want to accomplish?”  It’s our job to figure out how.


Not that you’ll get an invoice with a line item that says, “innovation,” but we come up with original ideas push your organization forward—that’s at the core of what we do.


The combined practices of creative conception and user experience design.  We’ve made it one word because really, these are not separable processes.  Creative drives the user experience drives the creative…

Marketing & PR

We’re not going to pretend to be a Madison Avenue PR agency.  But since to be effective, our work needs to be seen, we do work with our clients to get the fruits of our labors out to the right people—be that through print, PR, social media, or any other medium.

Open Source Dev

We grew up as a Drupal shop.  There’s nothing we can’t do in Drupal.  A while ago, we also added WordPress to our repertoire, because sometimes Drupal is just too much, and we believe in the right tool for the job.


Taoti only hosts projects that we build—not because it’s big business for us, because we’re able to offer highly specialized, fully managed hosting and operations so that you simply never have to worry about it.

Hard Core Dev

There are a lot of agencies out there that are ‘site builders’ (ie, they configure and set up websites, but don’t really custom-code highly functional systems.)  Taoti has real programmers and database engineers.  We do the hard stuff well.  Unique applications, systems integrations, custom module development, etc.  If you can dream it, we can build it.

Apps (both Web and Mobile)

People usually associate ‘apps’ with iPhone or Android development.  And while we can do that too, a lot of our apps are highly functional web-based systems that let people get stuff done.  We blur the line between mobile and web-based applications by making systems work so well on mobile devices that there is no need to build and maintain separate apps for each type of phone.

Taoti Labs

Taoti has started playing with physical devices (using the likes of Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi) that can interact with websites or apps, thus tying the virtual and physical worlds together. Think about how such systems could enhance your event or office space or marketing efforts. Read more about Taoti Labs.


















We have hundreds of projects under our belt for local, national and international non-profit organizations. We’re passionate about this and feel proud to have contributed to so many influential missions. This experience also makes us acutely aware of the budget and timeline constraints of non-profits.


Our commercial clients include law firms, consumer packaged goods and a wide range of additional products and services. We understand the customer’s expectations are driven by their entire digital experience and we work to deliver digital products that exceed those expectations.


Taoti enjoys helping NGOs and other groups in the development space truly move the needle.  We have built knowledge management portals, intranets and websites for USAID and World Bank.  We also develop innovative solutions including a gamified interactive training tool and climate change decision making tool.


We have extensive experience with government organizations of all levels, and we are now on the GSA IT Schedule 70. We strive to deliver products that help transform government into a platform that is designed to respond to the needs of constituents. Read more about our contract with the government.

Science & Education

We have worked with a range of university, STEM and association clients whose focus is education. We have built a range of sites, tools and interfaces to help educators achieve their goals and help students learn how to plan their future.

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