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Dynamic design that reflects growth and movement.

USTelecom is the nation’s leading trade association representing and promoting the interests of its members, broadband service providers and suppliers for the telecom industry. USTelecom relies on its website to distribute information effectively across the industry and act as the central source of authority.

USTelecom chose us to help them embark on a website redesign and development project that would better reflect the association’s new direction. The new website needed to serve as an information clearinghouse for all things broadband, demonstrate broadband’s essential nature in building and transforming industries and economy, and—in the words of their CEO— “astonish” their users.

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Making a statement

The new website does just that. By focusing on the impact of broadband through bold brand statements and motion, we’re able to capture in broad strokes a ton of information for the user about who USTelecom is and what they do. This gives administrative staff the leeway to focus on producing good content about their key priorities and issues rather than trying to make the website do everything for everyone.

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