U.S. Figure Skating

Reimagining figure skating in the digital era.

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The evolution of U.S. Figure Skating.

US Figure Skating is one of the strongest and largest governing bodies within the Olympic movement, with more than 192,000 members across countries. The organization connects all its members, including member clubs, collegiate clubs, school-affiliated clubs, individual members, Friends of Figure Skating and Learn to Skate USA participants.

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The problem:

An outdated and hard to maintain website created almost two decades ago that lacked the mobile responsiveness necessary to engage and connect its members and users.

The solution:

We developed a new website that allows both the user and the administrator to have a better experience. Focusing on U.S. Figure Skating’s goals to increase membership and reestablishing their digital footprint, we created a section exclusive for members. The site now caters to all audiences, including those outside of the figure skating community and those new to the sport.

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Growing the sport.

One of the goals was to create an inclusive and easy-to-navigate website that would serve as a resource for those new to the sport. The site needed to attract not only new skaters but also volunteers, judges and fans. We created a section for each one of those audiences.

For new skaters and their families, we wanted to show that this is an accessible sport. So we created an interactive section dedicated to the “skating journey.” In eight simple steps, the site guides users from how to start in the sport of figure skating,  how to find scholarships and funding, and what it takes to qualify for Team USA. Each step provides specific information and articles for users looking to learn more about the sport.


Connecting with members.

As a membership-based organization with more than 190,000 members and looking to expand, it was important to create a section exclusive for members to empower them and bridge the gap between clubs and programs. Through a login, members can now access a portal with valuable resources and content tailored to their needs, like registering for events, training opportunities and travel policies. To make it easier to navigate, we also created video tutorials showing users how to log in and use the new website.

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