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Phillips & Cohen

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Providing a sense of security.

Phillips & Cohen’s attorneys are well aware the journey a whistleblower takes is perilous enough. Its website needed to open itself up and clearly, quickly and discreetly convert visitors, and it needed to do so in a way visitors feel secure in every aspect of their decision-making process.

Phillips & Cohen's Homepage on a MacBook

A secure and streamlined experience.

Phillips & Cohen relies on its new WordPress website as a key means of generating new leads. Whistleblowers are a unique base of clients for a law firm because they are often only one-time clients and the firm needs a constant flow of new leads to stay on top. Our approach to streamline the experience reduced the number of forks on the road to secure contact.

The firm’s long record of success is best shown, not told. By calling out key statistics from big wins, highlighting attorneys, and telling individual stories of successful cases, the new design cements the brand’s notion that Phillips & Cohen, LLP is the most successful and most experienced law firm representing US and international whistleblowers. Speaking of brand, part of our agreement with Phillips & Cohen included modernizing their logo and tagline.

  • Showing various pages of the Phillips & Cohen website on mobile
  • Phillips & Cohen's Our Record page on iPad showing statistics about their success