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Introducing CASCADE (A “Continuous Integration” Platform)

If you’re busy and not technical, here’s the punch line: Taoti has added a very slick new piece of technology to our workflow: CASCADE (which stands for Customer Administered System Configuration and Automated Deployment Engine.) This tool uses cutting-edge technologies (Jenkins/Ansible/Gitlab) to provide for a “continuous deployment” development process.

Achtung if you dismiss viable channels for your content

I read a quote the other day that made me smile:

"We assumed wrongly that these new competitors, whether it was BuzzFeed or others, were doing so well just because they were doing something journalistically that we chose not to do. We were arrogant to be honest.

We looked down on those new competitors, and I think we’ve come to realize that was wrong. They understood before we did how to make their stories available to people who are interested in them. We were too slow to do it."