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#DrupalGTD Highlights from the USDA

Several Taotians were among the Drupalers at the USDA on Nov. 20 to learn and share their Drupal wisdom. Here's a selection of tweets from the event.

In addition to a seminar called "Drush:Command Line is Cool" led by our development team, Taoti's Sam Harper gave a lightning talk about our interactive training program for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. You can view the slideshare here.

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The Oft-overlooked Tactics That Always Undermine a Great Digital Presence

Many factors go into planning, designing, and building a great website that’s designed to meet your audience’s needs. But too often, a recurring series of habits combine to chip away at how much that site can live up to its potential. This is true at nonprofits with small staffs that do not include a dedicated web team. However, the scenarios listed below can be just as likely to occur at large organizations at which staff members have “update the website” on a to-do list longer than their arms.

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Can I help you find something? Using 404 pages effectively

When I first moved to Washington, I found the city's inhabitants to be fairly unwelcoming. I decided to do my part to change that and create positive interactions for others (read: tourists), mostly by way of giving directions. My husband says I'm a vigilante helper; I see it as being friendly. Either way, it probably explains why I like the recent trends in 404 errors (commonly referred to as "page not found").


Introducing CASCADE (A “Continuous Integration” Platform)

If you’re busy and not technical, here’s the punch line: Taoti has added a very slick new piece of technology to our workflow: CASCADE (which stands for Customer Administered System Configuration and Automated Deployment Engine.) This tool uses cutting-edge technologies (Jenkins/Ansible/Gitlab) to provide for a “continuous deployment” development process.